Tell NBC how much you love Constantine!

  1. Sign the petition!
    iPetition has set up an easy online petition that you can sign and send to NBC with the click of a button. We need signatures! 100,000 is the goal, every signature counts! Click below, it's the least you can do! Sign here!
  2. Send a personal message to the NBC bigwigs
    Fill out the form below to send an email to NBC executives telling them why you love Constantine, and why it should stay on the air! Send an Email...
  3. What else can we do?
    We'll be live tweeting during the show, and regularly to @NBCUniversal, using the hashtag #SaveConstantine. You can also follow the link below to post to Post to FB…

Why Tweet?

For decades, Nielsen has measured its audience through monitoring the activity of selected families across the country. TV ratings have been determined by the viewership of only 30,000 families. None Nielsen families have had little opportunity to demonstrate their viewership to networks until now.

Since 2013 Nielsen, the global information and measurement company that accumulates TV ratings for networks, has collected and analyzed the tweets concerning TV programming . According to Nielsen, the data generated by tweets provides valuable information on the size, demographics, and loyalty of a show's audience. Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings measure not only “authors”, the number of people tweeting about TV programs, but also the much larger “audience” of people who actually view those tweets.

Analysis of the twitter TV audience has indicated that the “real” audience of an episode of network television is on average 50 times larger than the number of authors who generating tweets. According to Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings, this multiplier does decrease as the number of unique authors tweets increases due to the progressive overlap of the audience tweeting. Despite this fact, increasing tweets about a show struggling in the ratings can still offer an important boost to a show's Nielsen profile.

While total audience certainly impacts highly on a networks decision to renew or cancel a show, the demographics of an audience can also influence a shows longevity. The valuable 18-49 year old demographic provides the most incentive to advertisers, however, if a show can also attract a large portion of more niche demographics it may also extend its air life. Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings offers networks an effective way to view the demographics of its audience in a more organic way than Nielsen’s traditional data collection method.

Live tweeting, much like watching live, is by far the most valuable way to impact a show twitter ratings. This denotes that a show has a consistent and loyal audience, as well as, showing that a shows advertisers are being rewarded for their investment in the network. Authors with a large number of followers clearly offer the greatest impact yet any tweeting can help Nielsen determine the total number of viewers of a show.

Twitter TV ratings, while still relatively new, are becoming a greater and more important factor in TV network decision making. So if you want to save Constantine, please watch, tell your friends, and tweet.

Write a Letter

In addition to providing ratings numbers, we can make a huge impact with a handwritten (or typed but handsigned) letter expressing our desire for a second season of Constantine. One personal letter mailed to the network is worth hundreds, even thousands of signatures on an online petition or emails to the network. If a fan takes the time to write a letter and send it snail mail, that speaks loudly. If hundreds and thousands of fans write letters and send them in snail mail, that speaks at a volume that cannot be ignored. So please, take a few minutes to put pen to paper and write to NBC about your wish for a second season of Constantine.


  • DO be respectful.
  • DON’T be threatening. “I’ll never watch NBC again!” doesn’t have any impact.
  • DO mention your age, gender and general geographic location. We want to show what a broad fanbase this show has.
  • DO tell them whether or not you’re a Nielsen viewer. If you’re not a Nielsen viewer, remind them that your viewership still deserves to be counted.
  • DO tell them if you watch/buy Constantine on other platforms (iTunes,, PS3, etc.)
  • DO tell them why you want Constantine to stay on the air.
  • DON’T complain about a storyline that you aren’t fond of. Keep comments about the show positive.
  • DO handwrite your letter if possible. If not, at least sign it by hand.
  • DON’T send in a template/form letter. It’s okay to model your letter on someone else’s, but make it your own.
  • DO write today!

Who to mail:

30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112


  • Robert Greenblatt, Chairman, NBC Entertainment
  • Matt Bond, Executive Vice President, Content Distribution, NBCUniversal
  • Ted Harbert, Chairman, NBC Broadcasting, NBCUniversal